benifits of carpet cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning Appearance

benefits Michigan Carpet Cleaning, serviced by elite Carpet Cleaning

Appearance is Important!

Take a moment to look at your carpet.  Look at the entryway, the hallways, the reception area,
the employee lounge, around desks.  Does your commercial carpets need commercial carpet steam cleaning.  What kind of impression is your carpet making?    Dirty carpet wears out fast!  Would
you allow everyone to walk across your carpet with sandpaper attached to his or her shoes?  Think of how fast your carpet would
show wear.  Accordingly, that is what you are allowing to happen, if your carpet is dirty.  Shoes + dirt and grit in your carpet =
premature wear.  How often does your commercial carpeting in Michigan get carpet steam cleaning. Learn benefits carpet cleaning your furniture, upholstery cleaning?

Dirty carpet can increase employee sick time!

Contaminated indoor air prolongs common cold and flu symptoms.
Have you noticed watering eyes, coughing, and excessive use of Kleenex in your office lately?  Cleaning the contaminants that
cause allergies and illness out of your carpet will help to chase away flu and cold symptoms.  Clean carpet improves morale
& image!  Sparkling clean carpet adds a ray of sunshine to any office.  For instance, is your carpet dull and dingy?  Freshly steam cleaned carpet
will give your office environment that “spring fresh look, smell and feel – your customers and staff will love the difference!
Three reasons to have Elite Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning clean your carpet· we are the best carpet steam cleaners in the state of Michigan.  Look us up were near your home, call today.


Our technician will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your carpet cleaning options.  Technician will
answer all your questions and give you a written quote for commercial work.  Residential clients will receive a free over the
phone estimate.  In addition, there are no hidden fees and never any surprises.  We perform carpet steam cleaning at your convenience
your carpet will be deep cleaned, dry, and back in service when you need it.  We can accommodate your schedule.  Why Property Managers Rely
on Elite Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning· Complete clean Carpet Restoration Services.  We save you money by eliminating
premature carpet replacements due to excessive soiling fades, stains, repair problems, and pet contamination.

Personalized service

Above all, personalized service is what you should expect from our office, you will get a trained dispatcher.  Furthermore, staff knows how to handle your scheduling
requirements and how you want your work handled.  Priority Scheduling You can rest assured your carpets will be ready
and look terrific for your new residents.  We are there when you need us!  We keep our promise we have built a
reputation as a company you can count on.


As a rule we are committed to excellence, and our philosophy of putting your needs first. Above all we guarantee you that when we make a promise, we keep it!  We perform a deep carpet steam cleaning that cleans out the crude and build up in the carpet.  Powerful truck mounted equipment
supplied by the Butler Corporation, produces clean results.  Finally, carpet and furniture cleaning company, that takes pride in cleaning.  Furthermore, we are one of the best in Michigan with over years of service history, and ranked number 1 in Michigan.