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Carpet Buying Tips




Carpet Buying Tips  For  Consumer

To begin with, here are some Carpet Buying Tips, buying carpets.  Carpet stores you see and hear advertised carry the same quality of Carpets.  The biggest differences you will see and hear are the amount of Commercials.  Big name stores have a bigger advertising budget then the smaller Carpet stores.  The trend is having a carpeting store within a store.  Art Van Furniture store was one of the first stores to begin this Trend.  Does Art Vans furniture sales reputation reflects the quality of carpeting they sell.  Stores like Home Depot, Loews.  Reamers Floors all carry or have access to the same quality carpeting, if interest is to buy from Reamers.

Similarly, two biggest Carpet Manufacturers are Shaw Carpets and Mohawk, followed by Stain master and karastan.  The name of the company does not reflect the quality of carpets.  Hence, some companies have been around longer than others have.  The carpet manufacturers produce different types of carpet materials, quality, and Styles.  Personally, there is no special difference in the manufacture.  Carpet quality based, on construction, and  material used to manufacture the carpets.

Four types of Fibers manufactured

Advantages:  Nylon is strongest carpet fiber, and is very resistance to Abrasion (wear), and has excellent Memory twist.  Nylon is the most versatile of all fibers, providing flexibility in creating a variety of carpet styles.

Polyester Carpet Fiber: Made from recycled Plastic Bottles

Olefin Carpet Fiber: Is a Synthetic fiber, made from Polypropylene
Advantages: Olefin advantages are its strength, color fastness and comfort, its resistance to staining, mildew, abrasion, sunlight.  The fibers have low moisture absorption, but they can wick moisture and dry quickly.  It does not dye well, but has the advantage of being colorfast.  Olefin keeps its strength in wet or dry conditions and is very resilient.

Carpet Fibers

A brief definition of the carpet fibers, still does not answer the question.  Which carpet fiber is the best to buy?  The three fibers all have their advantage and disadvantages; therefore, the answer is all of them.

Carpet Manufactures to purchase from

The carpet fiber you choose depends on the room you plan to carpet. 

1) Have Pet activity
2) Children playing
3) Close to Garage entrance
4) Shoes or slippers traffic

Olefin Carpet generally perfect for rooms with excessive traffic.  Subsequently Olefin is very resistant to wear.  Pet stains and spills are easier to remove, because the fiber resists water. By the way, garage entrance is the weakest and most soiled part in the home.  Shoes containing oils and soiling from outdoors, grease from Garage, tracked in from shoes.  Furthermore Olefin is not ideal for a room such as a kitchen or a room that will have heavy furniture.  Olefin loves to attract oil from kitchen vapors, is not kitchen friendly.  Subsequently, heavy furniture will crush Olefin carpet fiber, does not bounce back in the future.

Olefin Carpets

Above all, Olefin Carpet Cleaned, attracts oil and will attract dust.  Carpet Cleaning Olefin is unique.  For example. olefin resists water, it is very hard to precondition the carpet.  Lastly special conditioner  applied, counteract this dilemma.  Carpet Cleaning Olefin requires that the steam wand perform more dry strokes.  The drier the carpet is the less chance that stains from the back of the carpet or padding will resurface.  Especially perfect carpet for kids and pets and traffic rooms, vacuumed and steam cleaned at least once a year.  Olefin will last at least 20 years.  Price is usually around $12 -$17 a square yard.

Nylon Carpet Fiber

Nylon Carpet Fiber, is perfect for any room in the house, it is the most expensive Carpet Fiber, but is worth the price.  Accordingly the twist in the carpet determines the quality of the carpet.  As a rule,  more twists, the stronger the fiber will be, average is 6-9 twists.  The amount of carpet fiber per square inch contributes to the quality of the fiber.  In addition, placing fingers inside the carpet tuff.  Namely will determine the quality of carpet.  The more twists in fiber combined with more fibers per square inch, likewise  will give the higher resilience to wear.  As a rule, third factor to consider.  Carpet fiber composed of one long strand compared to bunch of fiber combined (Bulk Filament) together.

If the fiber is bulk filament, chances are the fiber will break down in short period of time.  Vacuuming process will fill the bank very quickly with carpet Fuss.
Nylon Carpet Cleaned  generally most practical.   Nylon Fiber recommended form of cleaning, Steam.  As a result, more fibers there are the less wear, usually will encounter when, steaming clean Nylon Carpets.  However vacuum process not performed.  Coupled with carpets not serviced by professionally cleaning once a year, then consumer should purchase, cheaper carpet like Polyester.  The life span of neglected Nylon carpet is similar to the lifespan of expensive polyester carpet.

Polyester Carpet Fiber

Generally Polyester Carpet Fiber, the carpet most stores will push on consumers.  furthermore, fiber manufactured from plastic,  not recommended for high foot traffic areas.  Polyester installed on staircase or hallway, is a nightmare.  The carpet will look beautifully the day of the installation.  Six month will pass by, kids running up and down the stairs, walking back and forth in hallway; it starts to lose its luster.  Polyester referred to as P.E.T of environment friendly carpet.  The reason a carpet store will push you to purchase polyester is because, it is cheaper to make and profits are higher.  As an example, most Carpet Cleaners dislike polyester, the only room recommend, is in a room that has very low foot traffic.  Dining Room or guest room is ideal room to install Polyester.


Therefore, only benefits, of polyester are that it is resistant to stains and it is cheaper to buy then Nylon.  Keep in mind that the same factors outlined in Fiber quality applies to polyester.  Beware many unethical companies (Hear their commercials loud and clear) Will show you a sample of a nylon carpet, and install polyester.  Polyester because made from plastic, will float in water.  Cut a piece of the fiber and place it in a cup full of water.  The fiber floats, its Polyester, had better call the 800 number.  Consumer discouraged from believing the commercials advertisements.  Accidently, just because some carpet stores are louder than others are, does not mean there better.  Carpet Buying Tips are personal views.

Conclusion Carpet Buying Tips

In conclusion, last tip is the Carpet Padding, the thicker and heavier the better. Choose a 8-10 Lbs, density padding, no less.  Samples of the padding purchased.  Generally padding  installed, should match retained samples.  Be a wise customer, be smart shop and compare. By the way, if store is promoting free installation, run. Padding that costs $2 a square yard, generally increased to 8-10 square yard, with free installation.  Finally, to summarize, nothing is free when it comes to purchasing carpet, except smiles.  Carpet Buying Tips are only suggestions, research required.  Learn how to spot a carpet.

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