Water & Flood Restoration.

Flooded Basement in Michigan

When water damage happens in your home it is a major emergency, do not disregard the hazard. Left unattended, water damage can cause structural damage to your home as well as numerous health problems. You can’t afford to wait to have the situation rectified– and neither will your home.

The water damage restoration and water damage repair experts at Elite Carpet Cleaning service will solve all of your water damage repair problems. Whether your water damage problems are from leaky pipes, sewage overflow or storm damage, Elite carpet Cleaning provides water damage emergency services for all of your problems. The moment moisture enters your house through the unexpected doorway, so to speak, and isn't promptly dried off the premises, you have a a very serious situation in your Lapp. Within minutes you find your home full of water, panic sets in and your world gets turned upside down. Your furnishing and family treasures at risk of being destroyed.. 

 No action taken can leave your home and household in a very stressful and horrible point in your life. You call your insurance and are reassured that the damage is covered. Please remember that the choice as to which company to use is strictly yours, do not let insurance companies politics and favoritism make your choice. Your insurance policy should be inspected inside out, their is many loop holes that will void coverage. Don't to find yourself in 2 feet of water trying to read and understand the small print and comprehend the insurance language, ask questions now or pay the price later. The cheapest insurance out their, is not always the best idea when it comes to your home and precious belongings.

 Elite Carpet Cleaning Service is one of the leader in water damage in Michigan. Our goal is to dry the carpet and structure as quick and painless as possible. We perform tasks that are primarily needs. Some unethical companies in the industry will intentionally perform tasks that were unjustified, only to make additional income. When or if you ever experience water damage in your home or business call us.