Why Choose Best Carpet Cleaners

Which Carpet Cleaning Company Would You Choose?

elite carpet cleaning service competing with large franchise carpet cleaning comapnies

In choosing who to have clean their carpet or furniture

Many people look first at prices, then location and then the name of the the company.  Little thought given to the importance of supporting small, local businesses. Small local carpet cleaning businesses provide advantages to the surrounding community. Large popular chains of carpet cleaning companies offer.

Hiring big carpet cleaning chains

Does not always give you the value that a small owned business does.  Large carpet cleaning companies have a huge over head for cost of doing business.  Large carpet cleaning chains have the cost of advertising on TV and promoting songs on local radio stations.  Huge payroll they have to pay.  The conclusion that is for certain is that you the customer will have to pay. these costs


When you the customer hear the famous carpet cleaning song and jingle

When you the customer see the Television commercial with the big chain carpet cleaning company, you paid for it. Now I’ve made you think, if your paying for all these expenses that a huge carpet cleaning company.  Actual amount of the service price involved in the cleaning process.  Do some calculations, you hire a carpet cleaning company to clean 3 bedrooms in your home.  My competition for example is charging average of $250.   Our company charging my customers $140.  The big company has to create huge volumes of work to support their company expenditures.



The big company send two Teenagers to your home.

The time for a round trip is roughly an hour to  a customers home.  The average commission of of these two employees is 15%-25%, of the cost of cleaning you home.  The carpet cleaners have to be able to do as many jobs in a day as possible to make a living. Companies are  eventually forced rush cleaning your home to be able to get to the next 10-15 more appointments arranged for them.  How much of of quality carpet cleaning or furniture cleaning. Gained from hiring this well known huge carpet cleaning company.  On average 5 rooms of carpet cleaning job would take me at least 1-1/2 hour to complete, I mean a quality cleaning, spotting, per-conditioning, steaming and deodorizing.



The big company employees do not have the luxury of taking their time to do quality carpet cleaning service, their on commission, they need to service your home as quickly as possible and drive to the next appointment.  Personally I have pulled up to same size condo as the big company name brand carpet cleaning competition, they usually are out of the home before I even begin to steam clean the neighbors carpet. The big name brand carpet cleaning companies dont precondition the carpet, they dont spot most of the stains, they need to get out of there as quickly as possible.



So you think you got a deal for $159 for 5 rooms

Guess what that does not include for rooms that are heavily soiled, that’s extra, and you wanted the rooms deodorized, yes but not for free, you get the bun for $159 but by the time they leave you wrote a check for $295.  Now getting back to me and my company, I dont charge for the pickles and the tomatoes etc, the price we quote on the phone, if the description was correct is 100% the same price we charge you.



Lets go back to the original price the carpet cleaning company quoted you on the phone $150, lets do some math.

-2 employees                                                    -Gas, detergents etc =$25

-Lead Employee 20% of total = $30              -insurance, maintenance of vehicle & equipment =$25

-Helper 15%=$23                                             -Franchise fees 8%=$12                         ugh Total = $115 – $150 = company profit $35


Do you realistically think a large carpet cleaning company that spends thousands of dollar on TV and radio adds, and internet Advertising and that leases, rents, or owns a building with office staff: Secretary / accountant / human resource / maintenance staff / Managers etc, would survive on that $35 from every job that crew completes, not even close.

Some large companies and some very small sneaky carpet cleaning companies use a term called Bait & Switch,


An illegal tactic in which a carpet cleaning company advertises a low priced carpet cleaning price with the intention of persuading you the customer to invite them into your home to perform carpet or furniture cleaning. When a The carpet cleaning crew show up at your home they inform you that the price did not include services that you assumed would be included in price, then they  push you into purchasing their deluxe package at a very higher price.. This tactic can be considered false adverting and illegal but the way its presented and sold its not regulated by the

court system and no legal action can be taken.


I will give you an example:

My company has a current promotion of 3 areas for $110.  Competition has a 3 areas for only $78.  You would assume your getting a better deal with competition, that is until their carpet cleaning crew arrives.  The price did not include extra cost of what they determine are very dirty carpeting.  Cost does not include Deodorizing  / the cost did not include cleaning of wool carpet/ on and on.  The original price of $78 now has gone up to $195.  However if you decide on adding carpet protection, total would be $260.  Customer as yourself gets taken advantage.  Even if you comfort yourself that they were worth the cost, after all they do advertise “they are the best”.

This is the service you are offered when you contact big chain Carpet cleaning Services