Why Rent Carpet Cleaning Machine

Rent Carpet Cleaner


Why Rent Carpet Cleaning Machine

Why Rent Carpet Cleaning Machine, when you don’t have to.  When your home’s carpets need cleaning.  Consideration for renting a machine from a local grocery or hardware store. Unfortunately, the equipment you get from stores and the quality of cleaning are rarely on par with the industry standard.  Thus it begins to address the issues you face when renting carpet cleaners. Here is why professional cleaning will save you time and money in the end.

Deeper Steam Clean

Most homeowners would not expect a carpet cleaning machine from the store to deliver the same level of clean as a professional job, but the difference is dramatic. The level of clean from a rental cleaner doesn’t begin to reach even the most basic types of cleaning provided by a professional carpet cleaner.

Furthermore, store-rented machines use large amounts of water that soak the carpets as they clean. This system takes a long time to dry, which may create mold and mildew, leading to future stains and odors.

Problems Handling Store Carpet Cleaners

Homeowners who decide to rent a carpet cleaning machine have their hands full in many ways. Since there is so much water used in the cleaning process, you are going to spend a lot of time trying to get dirt particles out of the carpet, then additional time trying to dry the fabric.

Naturally, there are many cleaning techniques you won’t be familiar with when you rent a machine from a store. Elite Carpet cleaning technicians is actually the owner himself, 24 years of carpet cleaning experience. The professional equipment and methods used gives company many advantages, but owners expertise will help identify the best ways to clean your particular type of carpet and any areas of you concern you might have in your home.

Brown Residues From Store Cleaners

In addition to the way rented machines soak carpets, the shampoos and chemicals used in their cleaning solutions are not fully removed during the extraction process. Your carpets retain residues from these soaps that are quick to attract dirt particles, which makes your carpet look dirty sooner than it should. Meanwhile, these dirt particles have the effect of sandpaper on a carpet every time someone walks over it. This can affect the life span of your carpets. In other words, not only will your carpet not get very clean by doing it yourself, you may make it worse.

Elite Carpet Cleaning of Michigan provides a more efficient way to clean carpets. By using green cleaning materials that do not leave residues behind.  Elite Carpet Cleaning gives you a deeper clean that lasts longer. Owner uses the best Truckmounted extraction cleaning system, that leaves half the moisture per square yard compared to most systems.

Deep carpet cleaning delivers value for homeowners that is impossible to find in rented carpet cleaners. Save yourself time and money by choosing Elite Carpet Cleaning Service.

What Carpet Should I buy

Purchasing Carpets

Today you wake up and you decide to purchase carpeting for your home.  Carpets purchase is not as easy as it sounds.  Purchasing carpet is not as easy as buying a hammer, you need to research begins you invest your money.  Carpeting for your home or business is a big investment.

As a rule, you should measure the carpets in the following order.  Measure the length or width all the way into back of closet.  The Carpet length should have extra 6 inches added on.  This carpet will be able to be stretch in and tucked under baseboards.  The average carpet roll comes in 12 feet wide roll.  Secrete is to lay the carpeting in one direction.  Are you confused?

Carpet Stores

To summarize, you can purchase carpet from carpet stores, such as home depot, Lowes, etc.  All the stores carry the same carpet, no difference in quality.  You have same quality choices with all the carpet sales stores.  The issue is prices are not the same across the board.

Compare Product

Subsequently carpet shopping is very difficult for the average consumer.  For the most part, padding price is usually marked triple the cost, and offered free installation.  Therefore just because you purchased new carpet, does not mean its buffet proof.  The 20-year-old carpeting you have at home could be a better quality, then the new carpet you purchased.

Carpet Mistakes

Generally, the biggest mistake is replacing the carpet because of its age.  If a homeowner has maintained their carpeting over the years, age does not reflect quality.  Sole carpet replacement is on condition, not age; Customers buy new carpets only to learn a year later it is desecrating.  Updated Carpeting displays, quicker depression of the carpet fiber.  In conclusion, new does not mean better, be wise, and be smart do your homework, thus get second or third opinion on the condition of your carpets.