dirty carpet coughing is result of dirt

Dirty Carpets and Furniture Will Make You Cough

What does the dirty carpet have to do with coughing? As an example, most homes air circulation, filtered not only through your HAVC Furnace, but also through your carpet and fabric furniture.  If you could please, look high up your wall, you will discover a furnace vent referred to as Return Vent (sucks air back to your furnace).  On the floor, you will discover the vents referred to as supply vents (Vents that have forced hot or cold air pushed into the room).

Air Circulation

The air travels in a circular motion; supply vent blows air and return vent suck up the air back to the furnace.  Your furniture and your dirty carpets filter the circulation of the air in the room,, both are similar to a sink, when the sink fills up, so do your carpeting and furniture, with dust and pollutants.  Subsequently Carpets designed to hide dust; it is their nature to trap dust. Vacuuming is crucial and does remove a large percentage of dust and debris, but they are not perfect.

Furniture Cleaning

Vacuums have no design to remove oils and liquid spills. However your furniture just like the dirty carpets has body and pet oils, attracting dust and odors.  You, as a parent or homeowner need to seek professional carpet and furniture cleaning, at least once every 12 month.

Having doubts about what I have stated, then please do the following, bang your hand on your furniture pillows with sun shining in and put your nose close to fabric and smell, kneel down and smell your carpet. How do you feel?  Feel like coughing.  The health of your furnace filters contributes to your homes air quality.

Furnace filters, maintained and replaced on a regular schedule.  Therefore Environmental Agency encourage homeowners change filter.

We are the best Carpet cleaning company in Michigan and the number 1 upholstery cleaners in Michigan.  You should consider steam cleaning your carpets once every 12 month at least and deep steam cleaning you upholstery at least once every 12 month.  Make it a priority to keep your carpets and furniture clean to avoid risk of a sick family member.

Fresh Air

Studies show that more people are getting sick, because we spend more time inside then outside, smelling fresh air.  Make it a habit to get your kids away from the electronics and force them to play outside in the fresh air.

Carpets cleaned less means more coughing, as well as furniture not steam cleaned at a set schedule