Ranked Number One Carpet Steam Cleaning

Best Upholstery Cleaning Company In State of Michigan

Family Owned Carpet Cleaning Company in State of Michigan for over 20 years.  We don't Just Send Anyone To Your Home.  We send the owner, his name is Shane.  The owner is the most qualified and professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner in Michigan.  We are near your home, you have the choice to make.  Do you invite commission paid Teenagers to clean your carpet, clean upholstery, clean your tile and grout or even remove the water that's in your basement.Would you Prefer to have the Owner himself perform the cleaning?   We are your Local Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company in Michigan.  We are the Best cleaning company you can hire, to service your cleaning needs. 


Carpet Cleaning

Ranked the best carpet Cleaning Company Elite Carpet Steam Cleaning in michiganCarpet Steam Cleaning

Elite Carpet Steam Cleaning offered in State Of Michigan.

If your wondering who is the best carpet cleaning company

nearest to your residential home or commercial business,

you found us. We are the professionals when it comes to

steam cleaning carpets, we are only a call away.  You deserve

to have best carpet cleaner around knock on your door.

Furniture Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning In State of MichiganFurniture Steam Cleaning

Elite upholstery cleaning company is near you

just waiting for your call.  We are the best furniture

steam cleaning in the state of Michigan.  We are the

upholstery cleaner that is the most referred.

Do not trust just any furniture cleaning company

with your expensive upholstery, call us we are the

professional cleaners.

Tile Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning in state of MichiganGrout Cleaning Company

When your ready for a professional tile & grout

cleaning in the state of Michigan, call us.  We are the

best and number one tile and grout cleaning company

that is near your home or business.  We are tile and grout

cleaning service who have the experience to restore your

tiles to there original clean look.

Water Restoration

Flood water restoration michiganWater Flood Restoration

Your basement is flooded with water, and your

looking for a professional Water Restoration company

who do you call.  Elite water and restoration company

is the only you should call.  We are the best Flood water

restoration company in Michigan, and are near you, just

pick up the phone and call.

Family Business

Local Carpet steam and Upholstery Cleaning Business in MichiganSupport Local Business

Support your local Michigan community and call a local family owned business.  We have been in the Carpet Steam Cleaning business for over 20 years.  We are ranked as the number One Carpet steam company in State of Michigan, and the Best Professional  Upholstery Cleaning Company in Michigan.  Small Business in Michigan have big competition from big corporate companies, who are only interested in high profit and poor quality cleaning service.  We don't unqualified Teenagers to your home who are only commission motivated, that rush clean your carpets or furniture.  We don't use expensive TV commercials, or fancy song Jingles, or brag about certificates that are purchased.

Meet The Owner

Small Carpet steam cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Business ownerSmall Business Owner

The owner will arrive at your home to perform the Carpet Steam Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, or perform a Flood Water Restoration.  Owner will do a walk through with you, while you point out your carpet spots or stains.  Your carpets will be Spotted, preconditioned, Steamed, and Deodorized, quality Steam Cleaning.

Cleaning Equipment

The number one Carpet steam cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning company Machine/ Truckmount in MichiganTruckmounted Cleaning

Our equipment is manufactured by the Butler Corporation.

Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Equipment in the world.  Ranked as the best Upholstery Cleaning in Michigan.  We only use the best cleaning equipment and high quality detergents, our reputation speaks for itself.

Green Cleaning

Green Carpet steam cleaning nad Upholstery Cleaning in MichiganGreen Michigan Cleaning

We give the choice of a Green Carpet steam Cleaning or Green Upholstery Cleaning.  We try to protect our environment by using highest quality cleaning spotting and steaming detergents.  We are the Best carpet steam Cleaning Company In Michigan and we are a Green Company.