Pet Stains in Carpet

Pet Stains In your Carpet

Pet Carpet Smells

You Love your Pets but the Carpet odor is not so lovable. Unfortunately, your pets respond to nature and instincts.  Pet makes a mistake and urinates on Carpet.  Over time, odor left in the carpet become, amplified by humidity.  Therefore, bacteria in the pet urine left in carpet, will grow, and cause the odor to be more potent.  Spotting Pet Stains is not difficult, just takes time.

Spotting Pet Stains

As a rule disinfecting liquid poured, as a result, reversing the effects of pet urine liquid, infested with bacteria.  Formula used as follows.  Example, pet pees 3 ounce of urine to counter the effects of the urine use at least 6 ounce of liquid, to flush urine from the Carpets.  Always recommend using 70% Isopropyl alcohol.  Isopropyl alcohol kills the bacteria that are causing the odor, undiluted.

The accident scene – recreated with the use of Isopropyl alcohol; Disinfectant has to make contact with the source of the odor.  Let the Isopropyl alcohol mixture remain in carpet for ½ hour.  Blot the Alcohol, the rest will eventually evaporate. Spotting Pet Stains is easy.


Removing Carpet Padding

Even if you were to remove carpet, padding, and the odor will still be present in the wood or cement floor.  The floor has sealed with wood stain or cement paint.  Advertisement on TV will demonstrate expensive product being Sprayed and wiped off.  This process will not remove the odor trapped carpet padding and floor.  Deep inside furniture is close to the odor source, the odor might be coming from the urine sprayed on the leg or bottom of the furniture.  Wipe down your furniture legs with Isopropyl alcohol.  Good luck, remember how much you love your Pet, before you begin the Spotting pet stains.

False Advertisement

You could purchase store products and try your luck.  If the urine is deep inside the padding, how does spraying Natures Miracle, or Resolve.  Counteracting deodorizers perform the same was, but they too have to make contact with the cause of the odor, pet urine.  Always inspect the area days after and if you find the odor is still present repeat the directions.

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