Upholstery Cleaning.

Upholstery Steam Green Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Fabric furnishings - Upholstery Cleaning are often the most forgotten pieces of furniture

When it comes to home or business cleaning.  Unfortunately they are usually composed of high amount of dirt, oil and soiling.  Furniture compliments your carpeting and décor and should not be neglected.  The Fabric on your furniture will pick up body and pet oils and in due time dust will be attracted to the oily residues. Oxygen mixed with time will force the soiling to oxidize forming a yellowish color on your furniture.  Just like your carpeting furnishings are a major investment and should be cleaned and protected on a regular basis.

Elite Carpet cleaning Service technicians are experts at applying the correct cleaning solutions for various fabric types and soil conditions.  Our company is IICRC certified giving you the peace of mind, knowing that our technicians are trained and certified.  Rest assured you will receive the most professional upholstery cleaning in State of Michigan.  Sit back enjoy a cup of coffee and relax, Elite Carpet Cleaning service is here. Upholstery comes in a many types and styles of fabrics, and requires trained technician to identify the fabric and use the appropriate method. Using harsh chemicals on upholstery fabric could result in very expensive results. Elite Carpet Cleaning are trained to deal with all the fabrics the upholstery furniture is made from. Cheapest is not always the best reason to hire a company, pay less now and invest a fortune down the line. When you make the decision to hire a upholstery cleaning we hope you make the tine and explore our web site and develop confidence in Elite Carpet Cleaning Service.