Meet The Owner

Meet The owner of Elite Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

I leave a customers home, known 100% I have professionally cleaned their property in a way no other company can.  Over 19 years in the business and I still shake my head at the confused customer calls, "Company ABC price is much lower then yours"  The phrase that I hear from customers over the years, after they see how much work I put into cleaning their carpet and furnishings is "I've never seen any other company do what you did" or "That's it for all that work". We like the way our customers are interviewing us on the phone, qualify the potential customers. 

Personally when I hear customers saying these phrases "the rooms are very small can you do better then that" or "last company only charged me" or "how about you do it for this price" or "that's too much for 2 rooms" or talk like I'm going to be their personal servant, rude and obnoxious people.  MY REPLY " How soon would you like this work performed"  whatever time frame they answer with I reply with " I'm sorry our next appointment is in middle of 3 month from now, you could call our competition they will be more then happy to help you, good luck".  We perform high quality Carpet Cleaning: Upholstery Cleaning and Tile Grout Cleaning, we do quality at a affordable price,  there is nothing cheap about our company.  The moment the $65 K Truck Mounted van pulls up in your driveway, you will understand we use the best quality of equipment...







I'm the kind of man that likes to avoid problems and confrontation, after 19 years of communicating with people I know when a person will cause me grief and anxiety.  I love to refer business to the competition, my way of thinking is "You both deserve each other"

In 19 years of carpet & Upholstery Cleaning its been a struggle competing with the big company carpet Cleaning franchises, and have received hundreds of grey hair trying to educate people in the art of getting what you pay for, and not being taken advantage of in this service world. 







I'm not rich, I own a business, I'm what you call Middle class, if anyone remembers what it is any more.  I live in a 1200 Square foot home, not so prestigious part of town, with my lovely wife and my now 11 year old son Brandyn, and my beautiful girl Jessica and our dog Tommy, cant forget Tommy.  I dont have all the richly things that you would associate with owning a business, but I can go to bed every night knowing I did not take advantage of any of my customers, and can sleep with clear conscious.  I love servicing my customers with their carpet & Upholstery cleaning over the years, their like my extended family, most have seen me from the day I started knocking door to door trying to start a small family carpet & upholstery cleaning business.