Compare Us With Our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Competition

Elite Carpet & Upholstery Treatment Compared To Big Franchise Competition

We are a small Family business that’s been serving Michigan for over 19 years.  We have the best Carpet Cleaning,  GMC Van powered equipment built by the Butler Corporation.  We like to think of our customers as extended family, when we leave your home we are 100% sure you got the best professional Carpet or Upholstery, Tile Grout Cleaning, you’re not a number to us, “Your Family”..


We don’t brag about how big our company is, were just a small family cleaning business, but we will brag that we are the best. Some of you might of seen our Truck Mount Van in your neighborhood, were no strangers, the owner is always behind the wheel and Steam wand.  We unlike the completion, Yellow, Purple, White trucks or any other color of the competition, do not have fancy Jingles, or songs on the radio, or any expensive adds on the Television.  If we followed same recipe as our completion and did do the expensive multi-million advertising, we would be able to offer you the customer quality Carpet & Upholstery cleaning Service at a reasonable price that will fit in your budget.

 To follow our competitions recipe, we would be forced to lure you in with an outrageous special ($78 or $87 for 3 rooms), then upon arrival to your home explain that the special includes the bun, but no burger or other essential part of cleaning, then way out get a $200 signed by you.  We would not have the luxury of taking our time to do a professional carpet or upholstery cleaning, because we had 14 more homes to clean within 8 hours.  We don’t have hundreds of employees to send strangers to your home, we only have 1 Van powered Truck Mount.  The difference between us and the competition, the owner operates this expensive machine, not kids, he clean your home, not a commissioned employees counting the seconds until they get to next job.



  • Owner with Over 19 years experience arrives at your home

  • We operate 6 days a week Monday – Saturday, we have family can’t do 24/7

  • Our Equipment is the best in the Carpet Cleaning Industry:  Butler System

  • The owner is highly trained in all aspects of  Cleaning Industry

  • We only service Oakland County within certain Geographic Radius

We also have heard the same commercials where the big name franchises Carpet & Upholstery cleaning companies reveal their secrete cleaning method.  The competition claims that they do a deep cleaning with a touch of candy that drops out of the heavens.  I read Reviews posted by some big Carpet Cleaning Companies on their web sites “Your employee did such a nice job, offered to buy me a coffee and walked my dog”, seriously my stomach is about to explode.   In my 19 years experience, I cant even imagine a Commission based employee do the above.  These employees are paid commission based, they need to clean your home in very little time as possible and charge you the maximum price they can with the extra, they have average of 10 – 15 homes to clean in a work day.  The lead employee gets a commission of 15% to 25% and the helper less, there pay depends on the amount you write on your check. 

Lets go back to there advertised 3 rooms for $78.  How much commission would these two employees make from that price, but if they add on the pickles, the lettuce and the tomatoes to your Carpet Or Upholstery Cleaning, then yes they will make a nice commission.  I have personally over the years pulled up to same size home or condo as the competition, the competition is gone before I even start steaming the carpet, the only true part in the songs they advertise is “They Are Quick”.  So please when you read about the fairy tales these big companies advertise please believe that your hard earned money was not created with Fairy dust.  Please don’t fall for “We are certified with this and that “This just means someone went to a class and got a badge saying they sat through the whole class without falling asleep.  Don’t be fooled by the commercials or Radio adds you hear because if you are tricked into hiring them, you just paid for the expensive ads. 

Customers who have been taken advantage of always seem to justify paying 3 times the service was worth, “They are the best” so the commercial says.  This reminds me when I have to attend a birthday dinner at a fancy Restaurant, I get served a tiny portion of food with a huge bill, “It’s not like we do this all the times, after all this is the best food in town, so they say”.  We always suggest you contact a friend or neighbor and ask them who they used in the past, if the neighbor tells you about a cheap company, keep looking for a company with quality for reasonable price, you don’t need cheap.