What Carpet Should I buy

money for carpets

An exchange of cash from an elderly woman to a young adult.

Today you wake up and you decide to purchase carpeting for your home.  Purchasing carpets is easy, go to store, pay and its done. Purchasing carpet is not as easy as buying a hammer, you need to research begire you invest your money.  Carpeting for your home or business is a big investment.

Step #1 .  Measure the area that needs to be carpeted, measure the length or width all the way into back of closet.  The length shoukd have extra 6 inchs added on to allow the carpet to be stretched and tucjed under base boards. The average carpet roll comes in 12 feet wide roll.  The secrete is to lay the carpeting in one direction.  Confused?

You can purchase carpet from home depot, Lowes, etc.  All the stores carry the same carpet, no difference in quality.  You have same quality choices with all the carpet sales stores.  The issue is prices are not the same across the board.  Comparing products is made almost purposely made very difficult.  The padding price is usually marked triple the cost, and your given free installation.  Therefore just because you purchased new carpet, does not mean its buffet proof. the 20 year old carpeting you have at home could be a better quality, then the new carpet you purchased.  The biggest mistake I have seen is carpet getting replaced because of its age.  If a home owner has maintained their carpeting over the years, age does not reflect quality.  The reason the carpet is getting replaced should be based on carpet condition not its age.  Customers buy new carpets only to learn a year later its falling apart.  The carpets they had for 20 years never showed quick depression of the carpet fiber.  In conclusion, new does not  mean better, be wise and be smart do your homework, get a second or third opinion on the condition of your carpets.