Frequently Asked Questions

We do recommend pre-vacuum the area to be cleaned. Our equipment is very sensitive to large debris found in your carpeting etc Pop Corn, hair bands, hair pins. We understand this is an inconvenience, and we do appreciate you helping us to perform extensive cleaning. We have in the past encountered situations where pet droppings were left on the carpet, or situations where drywall debris and nails after remodeling process. The more time we can dedicate to cleaning your carpet the better results you will receive, we thank you for your cooperation in advanceription
The Process we use for cleaning is hot water extraction most people refer to this as steam cleaning. Elite cities Cleaning Service hot water extraction method removes the most common spills and stains, in a gentle but highly advanced process. Hot liquid containing a cleaning solution refereed to as Preconditioner, is gentle sprayed on your carpet fibers (Precondioner contains emulsifiers that helps break down oils and tough stains) similar to when you clean your dishes using dish detergent to breakup oily pans) . The preconditioner needs at least 15 minutes to do its magic. As we wait for the preconditioner we walk around and use a spray a specially formulated spotting solution to the spots and stains that we believe will be a challenge (it helps us to know what the spill was, and timing of the spill) please educate us on the spills as we walk around with you in your home. The truck mounted super powerful carpet cleaning machine is now put into action (Butler Corporation Manufactured equipment, the most powerful machine on the market) . Equipment called a steam wand connected to the Truck Mount via Plastic hoses, is used at this point, hot water containing a rinse solution is injected into your carpet, while at same time the powerful truck mount vacuum extracts the soiling from your carpet. One thing to notice, unlike most highly advertised companies out there we use a rinse solution, to rinse out the soiling along with the Preconditioner, instead of toxic cleaning solutions that get trapped into your carpet. We dont fabricate and exacerbated percentage numbers as to the pollutants that are removed from your carpet (Impossible to label every home with a percentage number), we also dont brag about paid certificates that exploit the carpet cleaning industry. The end result is that most of the soiling, pollutants, allergens are removed from your carpeting . The final step is Deodorizing your carpeting with a mild scented Deodorizer, and Scotch guard protestant if requested. We want you to feel comfortable when a stranger representing our company shows up at your door step. We do not pay our employees a commission based on the services they sell, high pressure tactics. You the customer invited us into your home, you let us know what services you require, and your concerns about the cleaning process.escription
Yes. There is no charge to move some furniture, please remember we are professionally Cleaners, not a moving company. We will move most furniture that can be safely moved. There are several items we will not move including: pianos, electronics, china cabinets, beds, dressers with mirrors, pool tables, etc.. We do our best to Steam under the large furniture if their is sufficient height on bottom of furnishings After the cleaning is completed, we will return it to its rightful place on protective padding as needed. We do however suggest you remove items off your furniture like electronics, plants, lamps and knick-knacks. The safely movement of furniture will be determined by the technician. Please understand we will do our best to move certain items, but not every piece of furnishing in your home or business. We are there soley to do a professional, cleaning, not to remodel your home. We only have a certain amount of time for each home based on the rooms required to be cleaned, and we are on a schedule. Over the past 19 years of cleaning I have come across customers who expect every piece of furniture moved, where it would take half the day to perform the cleaning and move the furniture and place protestant tabs under the bottom of the furnishings. We have also had the misfortune in the of moving beds, do to customers insistence, only to have them fall apart do to the lack of stability, or age of the furniture. Please let us know in advance of the appointment scheduling, if you are looking for a company to move every single furnishing in your home, so we can provide you with a number to a more suited company to clean and move your entire furnishing. Please do not move furnishings forward. We preconditioning in front of furniture where its heavily soiled.
Area is a room that is up to 200 square feet (that is 14 x 14 ). Living room/dining room combination are considered 2 areas. Any area over 200 square feet but less than 400 square feet is priced as 2 areas. Please keep in mind (baths, halls, landings, walk-in-closets, ) are separate from the standard areas. Example would be if you have a bedroom (mostly Master Bedroom) which has a 200 Sqft, but also has a walk in closet attached to the room, it will count as 2 areas. Hallway or One Set of stairs (containing 12-15 steps) are considered each a separate area.
Depending on the amount of furniture to be moved and the access of each room it typically takes 15 minutes to steam a room, not including preconditioning and set up time. Our Five Area special will typically take 1 ½ form start to finish. The pre-vacuuming, movement of small furnishings and having a parking space for the company vehicle will make our time their more efficient. I have arrived at homes where 6 vehicles are parked in driveway (15 minutes for moving) / The customer unprepared and has not moved small furnishings / The pets are not secured and customer takes 15 minutes to find Fluffy/ kids are still sleeping in the bedrooms scheduled to be cleaned/ Toys are scattered all over the rooms. All of these conditions affect the amount of time needed to professional clean your carpeting or furniture. We respect our customer’s time, and do our best to be there on time for the appointment, we would humbly appreciate you having same consideration not only for our time, but the customers scheduled after your appointment. 24 hour notice is appreciated for appointment adjustments or cancelation.
Multiple factors affect the rate of time your carpeting will dry. Humidity is one of the biggest factors in drying process, if the windows are left open. Having your windows open in the summer is not recommended, more humidity will enter the home causing the time to be increase. We ask and suggest you leave your Air Conditioning unit running Before, During, After we leave. If for example your indoor temperature is 72 degrees, lower the thermostat to 69 degrees to help keep the AC unit to run during the cleaning process. I have been at homes where the temperature inside home is 72 degrees and they have thermostat set to 80 degrees, making it impossible for the AC to even start. Please also keep in mind, our technician’s health and safety is our priority, if the AC is not turned on during the summer time and it’s unsafe for technician to perform the cleaning, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment. Your cost saving tactic to leave AC off and windows open to save a few dollars is not worth the Cleaning Technician collapsing from heat exhaustion. You might find it comfortable in the hot condition, but when your behind a steam wand cleaning multiple rooms, a sauna condition is created. With the above conditions met it typically takes an average of 8 hours for a well ventilated home to 24 hours high humid home. Ceiling fans along with portable fans placed or turned on in the rooms, will cut the time around 30%.
We like all the reputable and honest companies out there cannot guarantee that we will remove all spots or stains. There are multiple products or spills that will permanently discolor the carpet fibers. The main factor determining the end result is the age and type of carpet you have in your home. We do our best with all the cleaning methods and solutions to remove the spots and stains, but we cannot guarantee miracles. There is no miracle potion that we can inject into your carpeting and restore it to its original new state. Please be reasonable in your expectations and end result of cleaning process. Final note, is that a technician cannot determine the end result of a stain or spill but visually looking at it, every spill and stain are unique and don’t always deliver the same end result, we are not carpet whisperers. If a company does promise you a miracle, I personally would take the time to perform more research on the cleaning company before you open your doors to them.
We do our professional best to deep clean your carpeting, we however cannot clean the padding or remove the stains from wood or concrete below the carpeting. The carpet as it dries the heat will force the stains (referred to as wicking) to move to the top of the fiber where it’s visible. I have seen pop or coffee stains that were spilled years back, resurface from the wicking process. The carpet fiber construction has a factor in the reappearing of spots or stains, some carpets are more notorious for Wicking. Please understand we do not purposely inject stains or spots in your carpeting, the conditions and substance was already in your carpeting. Please keep in mind, the cleaning solutions you the consumer have used to clean a spot or spill (etc Resolve, Oxi, Spot Shot) will in some cases, cause discoloration. When the cleaning solution from years ore months ago make contact with hot water it will discolor if a proper rinse was not performed. We do not walk around with bleach in our pockets, these are the pre-existing conditions already in your carpeting. If the bleach powder you spilled last years by the bathroom entrance makes contact with moisture we inject into your carpeting, your carpet will become discolor. Most of the time the homeowner is unaware of the cleaning products used by other members of the family, and assume that he or she has never spilled or used any cleaning products on their carpeting.
Not all companies and cleaning processes are alike. When you compare prices know that we do not have any hidden fees. I myself the owner, over 19 years experience will be performing the cleaning. You will not have commissioned paid under qualified employees appearing at your door steps. You might find a lower price with other companies on the phone, but you will soon find out, that the burger was not included in the price quote (bait and switch). We are a small family owned business that performs honest professional cleaning. Please do not take it personal if we choose to decline your cleaning requests. Rare occasions we get calls from individuals who we feel are rude, and have a very unrealistic view of what to expect from the cleaning process. We quote the prices based on your description. If on arrival to your home you have understated the size of the areas to be cleaned, we will adjust the price accordingly. A home owner describes the rooms to be cleaned, but neglects to mention the set of stairs or hall, will be charged for additional 2 areas. If your intention is to trick companies into giving you a lower price or free cleaning by deceiving, please feel free to call the competition. We have built our family business on honesty and expect that same honesty in return from our customers, if we are going to have a future together. Please do not be offended, we like yourselves have certain expectations from our fellow human beings.