healthy carpet cleaning

Keep Your Family Safe

Majority of  carpet care products are  safe to use, and have very little impact on the environment.  The fact that some of the carpet cleaning  products do contain some traces of toxic chemicals that are harmful both to the Person who uses them and to Residents who are occupying the building or home at that time. Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning companies might all sound and look the same.  When you are choosing a Carpet Cleaning company find a company who has a long history of cleaning and who use the mildest and safest products that can deliver a healthy clean Carpet or furniture in your home and business.

Carpets that are cleaned less often require more and stronger chemicals in general is a myth that exists in our Cleaning industry  You do want to have your carpets and furniture maintained on a yearly basis. Carpeting or furniture that is not maintained will need more time for cleaning solutions to break down the soiling, this does not necessarily mean that a strong toxic chemical has to be used on your carpet or furniture, natural mild detergents given more time will bring out the best results. We always a recommend good strategy to set up a  maintenance program that insures that your home carpeting and furniture is kept clean and free of germs or other forms of illness that will cause harm to you and your family.

Using the wrong company based on popular TV or Radio commercial does not guarantee that proper cleaning procedures will be used at your home. Healthy product’s and detergents do incur a higher expense when purchasing inventory.  The bigger the company the more cuts they will perform to insure the profits reflect the pricey commercials and fancy vehicles that they advertise to the consumers. Therefore we would suggest the consumer take time to research the Carpet and Furniture cleaning companies before they dial the number, be wise and be cautious.